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January 2021

Larry Fuller Trio w/ Peter Bernstein

I want to share some stills from our video production this past weekend. This was a live stream by Bump Jazz Productions - Thank you Larry, Jason and Peter for being great musicians and people.
Peter Bernstein, guitar
Larry Fuller, piano
Matthew Parrish, bass
Jason Tiemann, drums
Very special thanks ----
production - Michelle Lordi (lights/cameras/equipment manager) Jane Fuller - (stream and Media)
Randall Sutin - audio

Richard Thompson

Sound on Sound and Bump Jazz Productions collaborate to bring you the great Richard Thompson for our first live stream from the great North Jersey Recording studio Sound on Sound.
The very Richard Thompson was a joy to work with, and I was mesmerized not only as a videographer but as a musician. While keeping my eye on my job, I was still able to catch a few moments I would regard as super Natural.
Thank you to all involved, and this is just the beginning of an incredible journey for us and live streaming.